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    Holiday Greetings 2016

    Guitar & Vocal - Sara Sound

    Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley Cover

    Auld Lang Syne - Scottish Folk Song

    Thank You Song

    Crystal Bowl & Vocal - Sara Sound

    Live Performance from Jomon no Oka,

    Shichigahama Japan

    Sara's Pyramid Song

    Vocal - Sara Sound

    Live Performance from the Great Pyramids of

    Giza Egypt, Sep. 2016

    8-8-8 Sound Circle

    Crystal Bowl & Vocal - Sara Sound

    Live Recording form Sara Sound's Sound Circle

  • Sara Sound

    About Sara

    Sound Creator/Performing Artist

    English-Japanese Translator

    Sara expresses the essence of the Universe through sound.


    She started her career as a sound healer/performing artist in 2007, after studying under Tom Kenyon.


    She travels with her crystal bowls to various sites, create music with nature and give live performances. The sound of her voice & crystal bowl creates a celestial atmosphere that is relaxing & inspiring.


    Sara is also a translator of many books such as "The Magdalen Manuscript" by Tom Kenyon and "The Food of Gods" by Jasmuheen.












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